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This kit is being built in the Spring, Summer, and now Fall of 2002. This would be much quicker except, I bought an ARF or two and an electric (quick builds interrupted the construction).

Initial impressions: Jeez this is a big wing. The center section alone is the size of half my SlowPoke Sport 40 wing. This will be so fun to fly... Bruce is a great guy to do business with. I am thinking of also ordering his Delta Vortex, Venture60, and possibly a spare Flyin' King. While building I this, I have sent a few questions to Bruce about possible modifications as I try to convert this into an aerotow vehicle. Bruce has responded to me emails promptly and even provided additional materials for me to use in construction. This is the first time I have ever been able to communicate with a designer to provide feedback on possible modifications.

Correspondance with Bruce

Flyin-King parts
Re: Flyin-King parts
Flyin King Question
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Outfitted with:



Building Modification

These images show the unfinished fusulage. Extra bracing was added just as a precaution for aeortowing. This bracing includes doubling the firewall, tabs epoxied to front of firewall as additional bracing, ply sheet addition just aft of the wing under the balsa sheeting to help support tow stresses, triangular sheeting from aft of main wing to lower rear tow section, plywood sheeting on lower section aft of the tricycle gear location block for tow hook, additional triangluar bracing anywhere the stresses might be increased (leading edge wing support, rear wing support, structure between firewall and tow hooks
Tail section with extended control surfaces and widened horizontal stabilizer. The horizontal stabilizer is now 30" wide with the elevator lengthend to 3". The rudder was lengthened to 3 3/8"
Wing center section during early building stage. Torque rod flap arrangement has been removed to allow for direct servo control of the flaps. Each outer wing panel was extended by 1 bay lengthening the wing from 78" to 86". Carbon Fiber strips were added to the main spar covering the wing joints.
Wing showing the difference silkspan makes to the lighting effect on the wing. Note: Silkspan is only attached with Butrate Dope. No further treatment is applied to the silkspan as it will be covered with transparent Monokote
Engine breakin - Extra rich and oil soaking the concrete :-(
Fuselage with lighting system installed. Pull-Pull tail steering, elevator, rudder, and throttle servos.
First flight intro on a Flyin-King

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